Silver Blaze_Sherlock Holmes part IV

Silver Blaze Part III An angry looking old man came out. “What do you want here?” “I want to talk with you for ten minutes,” Holmes said in the sweetest voice. “I have no time to talk! We don’t want any strangers here! Go away or I will call a dog.” Holmes came nearer to the man and said something in his ear.... [Read More]

Silver Blaze_Sherlock Holmes Part V

ThumbnailSilver Blaze Part IV “I won, but I don’t understand. Please, Mr Holmes, could you explain.” “Certainly, I will tell you everything. If you use a bit of water and wash your horse’s face with it, you will see your old Silver Blaze.” “I am shocked. You have done wonders. The horse looks a very fit and well. It never ran better. I... [Read More]

Silver Blaze_Sherlock Holmes Part III

ThumbnailSilver Blaze Part II We went into the room and sat around a table. The inspector took a small box, unlocked it and put several things in front of us. There will was a box of matches, two pieces of candle, silver watch, five pounds, a pencil, a few papers, and a very sharp knife. “This is a very special knife,”... [Read More]

Silver Blaze_Sherlock Holmes Part II

Silver Blaze_Sherlock Holmes Part I “When Mrs Straker woke up in the morning she found out that her husband had not returned yet. She called the girl and they went out. The door of the place where the horse was was open, Hunter was sleeping and no one could wake him up. And the horse was gone and so was the... [Read More]

Silver Blaze_Sherlock Holmes Part I

ThumbnailThis short story for pre-intermediate or intermediate level. You can improve your English by reading this short story. It tells you about the adventures of Sherlock Holmes (Silver blaze). Hopefully you enjoy your reading throuh this story. Silver Blaze by Arthur Conan “I am afraid, Watson, that I will have to leave London,” said Holmes, as we were sitting together having breakfast one morning. “Where... [Read More]